Redefining Technology in Glazing Performance.

the eco friendly, high performance choice over traditional glazing

energy efficient, environmentally friendly, revolutionary

CUIN by Crystal Units is a pioneering new product which incorporates an invisible suspended film within the cavity of insulating glass units (IGU’s).

The result is one of the most advanced technologies in the glazing industry today; a product that is energy efficient, environmentally friendly and revolutionary.

thinner and lighter construction

CUIN’s innovative design results in a thinner and lighter construction compared to traditional triple glazing, as well as being superior in performance.

With U-values as low as 0.4 W/m2K in a double IGU, and 0.2 W/m2K in a triple IGU, without increasing the glazing weight or thickness, this makes CUIN the eco-friendly, high performance choice over traditional glazing.

CUIN green eco friendly triple glazing diagram

Key performance benefits include:

  • Lower energy bills

    With superior thermal efficiency CUIN achieves the lowest U-values available today, providing outstanding thermal insulation to help lower energy bills and remove the need for costly energy saving technology or renewable energy generation.
  • Banished cold spots and downdraughts

    Highly thermally efficient lowering demands on heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) providing a primary reduction in CO2 emissions and improving comfort in the home or workplace by reducing cold spots and downdraughts.
  • Use where traditional triple glazing is not supported

    The lightest triple glazing available- Up to 33% less glass than triple glazing resulting in lighter IGU’s, reducing load on supporting building elements.
  • More frame choice

    Up to 36% thinner than triple glazing allows standard frames and hardware for double glazing to be utilised.
  • Less noise

    Greater acoustic insulation with exceptional sound reduction properties ensuring the internal environment is not compromised by external noise pollution.


Environmental credentials:

CUIN is committed to the environment. Not only by its high insulating properties, but also by reducing CO2 emissions from manufacture through to end of life.

Globally 'they' are legally bound to reduce greenhouse gases following the Paris Agreement.

CUIN technology will reduce the environmental impact of your building and reduce energy costs throughout the building’s life.

In addition to this, by switching from triple glazing to CUIN’s innovative technology you can reduce CO2 emissions during the manufacturing process by over 8kg for every square metre of glazing.

Being thinner and lighter than traditional glazing CUIN’s, transport of materials is vastly reduced in both manufacture and delivery to site.

CUIN only uses fully recyclable materials to ensure zero waste.