Impact Safety Windows and Doors

Toughened and laminated glazing with impact safety, security, soundproofing and heat retaining qualities.

hammer impact attempting to smash safety glass

Our windows and doors are strong, safe and secure.

Available on all of our window and door glazing products; All made to measure with a choice of glass thickness up to 40mm:

  • impact safety security glass
  • laminated glass
  • tempered toughened glass
  • toughened laminated glass (the best of both)
  • acoustic soundproof windows and doors
  • noise reduction glazing
  • optimum ‘A’ rated energy efficient glass
  • fully compliant with latest building regulations



toughened impact glass installed in windows and patio doors

When and where to use impact windows & doors

Our technical advisors are always available to advise on the most suitable glass for your application.

As a general guide choose toughened impact glazing (BS EN 12150) which is 4 times stronger than ordinary glass and stronger than laminated glass for the highest impact resistant safety rating. In the unlikely event of breakage it will shatter into small pieces with blunt edges.

Always use toughened glass for sliding, bi-fold and patio french doors and windows and critical glass areas or laminated specifications for new builds and PAS 24 requirements to provide enhanced security.

laminated safety impact glass installed in new build house to reduce UV and noise

Choose laminated glass (BS EN 14449) for acoustic noise reduction and UV resistance. Safety is ensured by one or more lamination layers that hold the shattered glass in place without splintering or dispersion.

Also use laminated glass for patio french doors and windows and laminated sliding and bi-fold patio door glass and to gain greater furniture protection from direct sunlight. Also use laminated aluminium heritage windows and doors for up to 40db noise reduction (the sound will seem distant).

Use toughened laminated glass for the benefits of both.

Technical advisors are on hand at the aluminium window and door showroom in Keighley in West Yorkshire

Unrivalled Quality Customer Service

Our high quality window and door products are backed by the same high quality customer service. Technical advisors are just a phone call away to answer all your questions no matter how technical.

Typical help provided includes:

  • Choosing the right product and glazing
  • Getting the right made to measure size
  • Help with ordering

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Rated 5.0 out of 5 Anne Corrigan

Marlin Windows were reassuringly professional, calm & helpful from first contact which made the decision to use them so right. The pre-sales team were full of advice - not in the least bit pushy contrary to stereotype - & the advice was spot-on because they'd done it all before.


The product looks amazing too... I suppose the windows might be much the same elsewhere & maybe even of similar price or cheaper, but the customer support, reliability, professionalism & interest at Marlin is second to none.


I honestly think it's a rarity these days to come across a company with values like Marlin so 5*s well-deserved.


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pane of toughened safety impact glass

The difference between toughened glass, laminated glass and toughened laminated glass

Toughened and laminated glass are both forms of safety glass and should be used in any critical locations where breakage could cause injury such as doors or low level windows and areas deemed critical under Building Regulations.

Glass is toughened by heating to almost melting point before rapid cooling to create a super hard shell.

pane of laminated safety impact glass

Glass is laminated by forming the glass pane with a PVB membrane (plastic layer) within to hold the outer glass layers together preventing fragmentation if broken.

a thick pane of toughened laminated safety impact glass

Toughened laminate Safety Glass combines the two processes to create the ultimate high quality noise resistant solar protection impact safety glass. Glass thicknesses from 4mm to 19mm are available with a custom thickness of up to 40mm being possible.

impact windows and doors installed in Sheffield property

Additional Benefits Of Impact Windows & Doors

With outstanding thermal properties that can achieve the optimum ‘A’ grade the glazing protects against heat loss to save on heating cost.

Impact resistant safety glazing is also secure glazing providing a secure almost impervious burglar proof glass.

Rated 5.0 out of 5 Anna Kind

Marlin Windows really understood what we wanted to achieve with our project. Marlin Windows went above and beyond to manufacture and deliver just the right windows to frame the garden of this 1920's House. The windows framed the outdoors perfectly.

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children behind ClimaGuard Low-E glass window

Insulated Low E Glass Units

Our standard glass used in our windows and doors is ClimaGuard® A+ low emissivity (Low-E) glass.

A glass and frame combination that will help protect your home from the extremes of external heat and cold while enabling reduced energy consumption and cost. It can also protect from sunlight, reduce noise and improve safety and security.

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"Fantastic company, great product and extremely helpful throughout."
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