Visofold 6000 is a high-quality, high-performance slide and fold door.

Featuring slim profiles, the door provides a contemporary, elegant solution for both residential and commercial applications.

  • Maximum flexibility – minimum space requirement
  • Door panels are moved to the side and then swung open
  • Slim lines and discrete hardware maximise light
  • Low or rebated threshold options
Smart visofold 6000 slide and fold, slide and stack doors


Smart visofold 6000 slide and fold doors

Slide & Fold Door

  • Door sashes are moved to the side in a concertina fashion
  • Smooth, easy and reliable operation
  • Slim profiles maximise open space
  • Integrates outdoor and indoor living space


The Visofold 6000 slide and fold door offers extremely slim profiles which are perfectly suited to residential properties where narrow sight lines and maximum glass areas are required

Low threshold custom design option for unimpeded easy access tailored to your individual specification, which ensure the perfect finish at floor level or rebated thresholds that improve weather resistance.

Visofold 6000’s flexibility also makes it suitable for commercial projects.

Where large opening apertures are required, the system offers maximum light and space to give unimpeded views.

This highly-versatile, easy-to-operate system is the perfect option for even the largest project. Capable of opening up an entire wall, yet presenting a contemporary, elegant glazed façade when closed.

The system features a choice of internally or externally folding sashes, which when open, sit flush to the frame. Sashes are hung from a floating mullion and slide on a recessed bottom roller and top guide. This allows for ultra-slim profiles, smooth operation and robust security.

With high-security glazing, robust locking mechanisms (including multi-point locks on the main opening sashes, and shoot-bolts on the floating mullions), an unrivalled colour range and the option of colour-matched accessories, the system can be tailored to meet each project’s specific requirements.

Delivering the perfect combination of strength and performance, Visofold 6000 profiles feature a polyamide thermal break that enhances the system’s thermal performance. High quality PDM gaskets and weather brushes aid weather resistance.

Fully compliant with the requirements of Building Regulations Document L 2010, the doors have the option of either low thresholds for unimpeded, easy access, or rebated thresholds that offer improved weather resistance.

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Sliding and Slide & Fold Brochure
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Technical Specification

Technical Performance

U Value 1.5W/m2K using a 1.0 centre pane
Air Class 2, 450Pa
Water Class 8A, 450Pa;
Wind Class 3, 1200Pa

Design Specification

Frame Width 88mm
Frame Depth 76 or 82mm
Typical Sight Line 84mm for Slide and Stack Door
Typical Sight Line 94mm for Slide and Fold Door
Glass 24, 28, 32 or 40mm double or triple glazed units
Max Sash Height 2200mm
Max Sash Width 1000mm
Max Sash Weight 100KG